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BEHA world wide group of companies

BEHA group of companies

All companies belonging to the family-owned BEHA Group of Companies are operating in various specialized fields. Therefore we can offer our customers a broad variety of product portfolios built on competent knowledge in any of the specific areas.

Thanks to this unique combination of expert knowledge of all BEHA divisions, we are able to develop products in close cooperation with our customers, which are extremely practical and are especially adapted to the markets.

Our customers are delighted and our competition - speechless!

We want our products to excite you: Users are fascinated by successful solutions that help them use the product. Our customers are happy with their rising sales figures. The competition tries to comprehend how our technology works. What drives us is to develop and to produce unique products together with our customers.

About us

HDT - Your business partner for innovative
electronic products

Beha Innovation GmbH is a German company based in the heart of Europe. We extrude a complete line of the highest quality Polyurethane and Polyester profiles for transport and drive applications. True to the motto "smart conveying solutions", we have been supplying innovative drive and conveying technology products for over 40 years. We provide quick and accurate service through our main factory in Glottertal Germany, our subsidiary located in USA, as well as our worldwide distribution network.

We develop electronic products from concept to manufacture. Together with you, the product management team at our head office in Glottertal, Germany defines products that will impress you both by their application as well as cost. Our development team in Glottertal and Belgrade, Serbia designs excellent technological solutions. We produce high quality at attractive prices in our factory in China.

"The 3 principles of BEHA"

Quality and innovations are produced by people - our colleagues, our customers and our suppliers
High quality raw materials and quality oriented manufacturing processes result in consistently high quality products. Quality communication and teamwork for continued mutual success!
We have deep insight into the applications through customers and our suppliers. We are always developing innovative products and solutions for our customers on this basis and with our know-how.

HDT manufactures your products.
Personally and cost-consciously

"Reducing costs in China can be very expensive." That is the experience of our managing director, Holger Emberger, after working together with production facilities in low labour cost countries for over 15 years. High costs for communication, quality issues, and the danger of losing know-how quickly devour any savings.
It is precisely these disadvantages that HDT addresses: project managers in Germany who are well-versed with China are your point of contact. Our manufacturing facility near Hong Kong, HDT Dongguan, is a 100% subsidiary of the HDT Group. Our employees there, who have worked for us for years, are familiar with the requirements of European customers thanks to the many successful projects completed.
HDT Group's quality management department, based in Germany, has daily discussions regarding current issues with the QA Team in Dongguan and also visits the facility regularly. Besides that, we have a monthly external audit carried out by certification authorities such as TÜV, SGS and CSA as well as by our customers.

We focus on our customers

From concept to development and mass production:
HDT works with you to make your product a reality

Our success is based on knowledge of the market and serving our customers with a broad line of profiles and belts.
Our strategy is to provide the best extruded profiles and homogeneous belts in the market today and lead the industry in new innovative products in the future.
Our in house tool shop allows us to react quickly to changing demands in the market. This strategy has resulted in a complete range of high quality products where we hold International trade mark rights and patents.

No space for innovations: the products are mature but the market prices are at rock bottom. Ideas for product improvement appear to be inadequate. Development budgets are low. The timeline for achieving growth targets slips further into the future. Almost every person responsible for a product knows this feeling of helplessness.

HDT has specialised in innovations for mature markets. We develop products that create hype and open market opportunities. This is apparent in the market success of our developments as well as the accolades they receive, such as the Red Dot Award in 2014.

Top quality is our target

Facts and figures

Much more than contract development and manufacturing

"We are a family-owned enter-
prise that puts great emphasis on strong partnerships, reliability, quality and sustainability - and we are convinced that long-term cooperation results in better outcomes. ,Linking people and technology' is our slogan; it reflects our actions, which are aimed towards developing innovative solutions that simplify the user's work - as well as making your company more successful," says Lars Christian Beha, managing director of HDT.

Our customer service people are linked closely with our customers in the market and work together with them to provide the fastest and most accurate handling of inquiries and orders. We employ a sophisticated logistic process that ensures highest quality of service - worldwide. All procedures and activities are conducted with the highest possible commitment to quality. We comply with the specifications of the standard DIN EN ISO 9001.

Full service provider of electric and electronic innovations, OEM portfolio, customer-specific products, contract manufacture, Part of the BEHA Group with 40 years of experience in the development and manufacture of electronic products.

Headquarters: Glottertal, Germany
Development team: 20
Total number of employees: 85
Manufacturing sites: Glottertal, Germany (up to 1,000 units/year) and
Dongguan, China (over 1,000 units/year)
ISO 9001 certified